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If we can only love others to the extent to which we love ourselves and how we love ourselves is a revelation of our personal definition of love with arrogance, anger, judgment, etc., operating as different displays of inner insecurity and the fears it creates. I ask, without awareness, are we truly capable of experiencing unconditional love?

Jae L. Pettigrew



Not a superficial love where one thinks, what is in it for me? Nor a sacrificial love where one is taken advantage of. But the truth of love is what we should all aspire to experience. 



You are the keynote to every speech,

The top shelf I cannot seem to reach,

The desire I can't seem to impeach,

As clear as a daydream,

As important as my spleen,

As imperative as I deem,

As on purpose as we seem,

We're nothing but a dream...

Thanks for joining the family!

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