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Jae L. Pettigrew is an innovative and award-winning​ poet. Raised in the Bronzeville area of Chicago, Illinois, she experienced the trials and toils of inner-city living and was affected but not defined by her upbringing. Instead, she chose to channel her energy in a positive direction with the intent to invoke and inspire liberal minds through her God-given gift, writing.


Being an ardent reader and a driven writer, Jae was destined to become an author. In 2009, she shared her first work, “Through Her Eyes,” a compilation of raw but riveting unabridged poetry and thought-provoking quotes that offer the reader a glimpse into her soul. Her follow-up work of art was released in 2016 and entitled “Tranzparent,” a piece birthed out of battle, revelation, and elevation taking place over seven years in Jae’s life. With zeal and a commitment to share both the authentic rawness and unbridled truth of these experiences as they poured out from the depths of her being, she once again allowed her readers a glimpse into her soul. In each passionate piece of poetry, intellectually stimulating quote, and delightfully satisfying short story, Jae’s honesty leaps from the pages and befriends your heart. Her most recent work is titled “Metamorphosis.” her third piece of nonfiction offers advice by way of awareness via poetry and essays. This young lady has a story to tell, and she tells it not only with her pen but also with her voice. Through her speaking engagements and poetry course instruction, Jae allows her audience to hear the very beat of her heart. Her words offer inspiration, motivation, and a challenge to persevere and pursue passion above complacency.


Jae has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a minor in marketing management and a Master of Arts degree with a psychology concentration. She is presently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy degree in community psychology. With her acquired knowledge, she has chosen to provide consultation to other artists, entrepreneurs, members of the clergy, as well as social and community organizations. Jae is regarded as an outstanding and motivating leader in business and business development.


This tenacious and inspiring woman is an active member of multiple psychological societies such as Psi Chi, the American Psychological Association, the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, the Society for the Psychology of Black Women, the Society of Addiction Psychology, and the Society of Trauma Psychology to name a few as well as multiple business associations such as the National Black M.B.A. Association and the American Finance Association as well as organizations that uplift and empower women. Jae is also a WAN Academy poetry course facilitator and a youth mentor through multiple nonprofit organizations throughout Houston.


She is the founder of PettiObjective, a plant-based self-care line. As well as the “PettiObjective Foundation,” a nonprofit organization focused on promoting self-awareness, self-love, and self-respect in women. By providing solid and positive mentor opportunities, women are given tools that encourage self-improvement and academic achievement. Participating women are also taught the importance of maintaining healthy families and healthy homes. Jae is an avid advocate against domestic violence. She is also a strong supporter of HIV and AIDS awareness and prevention.


Although Jae credits her upbringing on the tough streets of Chicago with helping to create within her the strength, perseverance, and faith that serve as the foundation for who she is and who she is in the process of becoming; Jae and her two children, Jackie and Antonio, are currently residents of Houston, Texas.

For requests, services, and inquires please click contact Jae.
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