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Levilyn M. Chriss

Professor Chriss, an award-winning filmmaker, was born in New Orleans, but spent her childhood years in New York, before moving to Chicago in 1976. She started her studies at Kennedy King College and received her Associate in Applied Science Degree in Media Communications in 2011. Kennedy King afforded her the opportunity to build a solid interest in video, television production, and photography. 

Professor Chriss continued her education at Chicago State University wherein 2013 she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Media, Arts, and Theatre. She sought higher education and in 2016 received her Master of Fine Arts in Independent Film and Digital Imaging at Governors State University. 

Professor Chriss was a faithful mentoring member of the worldwide fellowship for over 27 years. She was also a member of the Reel Black Filmmakers and the Chicago Alliance of African American Photographers. In 2018, her documentary “The Louisiana Project” received the Best Documentary Award at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, and it was the Bronze Award Winner in 2017 at the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards. 

In 2013, IMDb Sound Credits included “Pathways of Life” and in 2018 “Love’s Last Dance”. She was the founder and CEO of L. Chriss Productions, where she practiced her skills independently as a videographer and photographer.

Professor Chriss has countless other commercials, several studio, live, and field video productions for Governors State University, Chicago State University, and Kennedy King College as well as private productions unlisted. 

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