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About Us


Free to Be as Petti as You Wanna Be!

Jae’s journey with PettiObjective was not one of instant clarity and direction; it was one that transitioned in steps. In 2016 when she began incorporating vegan items into more than her diet, she ran into the problem of not easily locating products that were plant-based, natural, healthy, and could still deeply hydrate the body and hair. Pulling on her mother’s advice, “if you can’t find what you need, that means you need to create it.” Jae got to work creating the products she desired and wished were readily available.


Filled with wonder, Jae began to research how she could create goods that took care of her hair and body without hurting any animals or planet earth while ensuring to not contribute to slave labor. She found viable, empirical literature and began the production process. The initial formation of PettiObjective was with the creation of one product which was the signature hair and body oil. Then one by one, after trial, time, and tremendous effort, Jae was able to begin replacing her purchased products with her own line of self-care products.


From that day to this, Jae’s interest in cruelty-free, homemade beauty products has grown PettiObjective from one product to everything the line presently offers. All PettiObjective products are tailor-made to order in a space filled with positive energy, light, life, and love where we hope to fulfill our intention and aspiration of assisting you with unleashing and operating in the PettiObjective motto – Free to Be as Petti as You Wanna Be!


We have three core company values that leave their fingerprint on all we do: Self-Love, Spirituality, and Holistic Living. We want you to be confident enough to love self, connected enough to be spiritual, and conscious enough to live in holistic happiness. Living whole is comprehending and connecting to the fact that we all are one. Living this truth allows us to nurture the nature that nourishes us.  ~Jae L.


PettiObjective products are made with ingredients sourced from places all over the planet. These partners help promote fair wages for employees and ethical sourcing. We primarily use glass which is easy to reuse, but for shower safety, some products are in recycled PET plastic. To reduce waste, please recycle them as well when you’re done.

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