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And we mistake love,

We characterize it as something from above,

So we're lost trying to get it to fall on us,

Searching through jealousy, possessiveness, and lust,

Trying to make the external apply, when it's within us,

So far gone and out of ourselves we no longer trust,

It's all about completeness from him, her, we, us,

1 is a whole number, trust,

Single we're complete,

Still, for a place in their life we compete,

With the Ex, the past, the present constantly living in defeat,

Didn't work but we refuse to retreat,

No, we move on attaching ourselves to every compatible we meet,

Different face, different name,

But this person is the same,

Because the lesson has to be replayed,

Until we learn then the game ceases to be played,

You have a choice,

You have a voice,

It ends when we decide to be aware,

When for yourself you decide to care,

When you open your heart and see there's light in there,

And the longer it's ignored the more it'll dim,

No one is worth your light not them, her or him...

~Jae L. Pettigrew


Until humans live but cease to breathe,
Until trees no longer produce leaves,
Until all atheists begin to believe,
Until all givers begin to receive,
Until political prisoners in the penitentiary
 are allowed to leave,
Until hood Stylist no longer hook up your girl’s weave,
Until crying over the dead is not how we grieve,
Until people stop putting the fall of humanity onto Eve,
Until the apple, she bit is no longer connected to Steve,
I'm still,
& Allow people to kill,
My dreams and bury my will,
I stop believing in us...

~Jae L. Pettigrew

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