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DOES NOT SHIP! Must be in the Houston Area to Purchase.

Full Spectrum Irish Sea Moss

  • Full Spectrum Irish Sea moss is similar to Irish Sea moss, however, has been intentionally dried and cured to maintain its natural color and phytonutrients. Full Spectrum is dried in the shade; this allows it to retain its color, which is the reason it possesses more potent properties within said colors. We don't separate the colors prior to making the Sea moss gel because we believe every color has its specific health benefit! The full spectrum sea moss gel has a more potent taste as well as a more potent effect.


    Full Spectrum Irish Sea moss gel may help with the following:


    Ongoing energy from slow-released carbohydrates.

    Muscle and joint recovery.

    Strong bones.

    Immunity health.

    Weight loss.

    Metabolism boost.

    Rich Source of Iodine

    Good source of potassium.

    Reduce inflammation.

    Increase bone density.

    Boost mood.

    Improve blood quality.

    Enhance cognitive function.

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