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Metamorphosis (Paperback)

  • Metamorphosis is an impassioned honest look at life written in a nonfictional novel format. Passionate poetry and enticing quotes are sprinkled throughout the novel to ensure Jae artistically shares her point of view. In this work, Jae offers insight into her life and the lessons learned, as well as ways for the reader to avoid the same pains and pitfalls she has encountered. This writing engulfs all endured; such trials and tribulations held as necessary for her evolution into the woman and artist she needed to become.

    The loss, joy, trauma, and love Jae experienced over her lifetime has opened her eyes to a life school never taught was available. She has insight that only someone who has undergone a metamorphosis could teach. She always knew in her heart that there was more to life than the struggles she had been through. She learned to step out on what she believed because to know and to do hold two different results. Jae came to herself and decided to live with an open heart and mind and life shockingly unfolded.

    Metamorphosis lays out the life that led to her path and her steps taken which could assist the reader with understanding their personal process how to work towards a change. Through self-love, acceptance, and discipline we can walk into a life we love waking up to, it's real and within our grasp, if we believe.

  • Released December 16, 2019

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