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Shadow Work

  • We all have a shadow, and shadows left to run rampant have the potential to manifest in our lives in the form of addiction, self-sabotage, scarcity mindset, disease, depression, neuroticism, and many other issues. Shadow is a psychological term coined by Dr. Jung, which simply means something we’re unconscious of. “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” ~Dr. Jung


    The Shadow Work session with Jae L. Pettigrew is a one on one, intensive that lasts a minimum of four hours. This rigorous immersion into one’s childhood has the ability to lead to an understanding of when, where, and how the shadow was created. This engagement unlocks an individual creating awareness and challenges them to question their beliefs, habits, and unconscious personality traits, all while releasing victimization as well as the need for power, control, and other ego-driven characters. After which Jae works with the individual to define a befitting narrative, one that the individual can joyfully be held accountable to and do so with completeness, conviction, and compassion.


    After your purchase, you will be sent a link to schedule a time that works best for you to meet with Jae. Once you've scheduled your appointment, you will receive an email inclusive of a calendar invite and a brief explanation of what to expect. On the day of the coaching session, you will receive another email within two hours of the scheduled session with the Shadow Work PDF. This is an effort to prevent scholars from looking ahead and being prepared with politically correct replies as opposed to rendering oneself to vulnerable acceptance and true healing.

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